Freshness... WE DO NOT STORE OYSTERS!!! They are harvested to order and shipped from our grower's beds, often reaching our clients the next day. Our temperature controlled delivery vehicles ensure your oysters are cold, crisp and fresh.

Variety... We buy from certified oyster farms and fisheries all over the U.S. and Canada and fly shellfish in from as far away as New Zealand. Many oysters are shipped in 60 count bags so you can add variety to your menu and maintain freshness. 

Price... We buy direct and deliver direct. With no overhead for storage facilities, you get a superior oyster at a great price.

Safety... We adhere to strict USDA and FDA protocols for shellfish delivery. All temperatures are maintained at under 40 degrees and monitored and recorded at the receiving points and at your door.  HACCP Certified and USDA Licensed 


We are a unique oyster distribution company. By buying to order, we deliver only the freshest shellfish to our clients.  

Ease of ordering... Call / Text / Email anytime!   Customized text or email alerts with order deadlines and specials upon request. 

Honesty and a great guarantee... No hidden "delivery" charges or bait-and-switch oyster substitutions (i.e. farmed oysters for wild). "If you aren't 100 percent satisfied with your order, we will replace product to your satisfaction or refund your money." Paul Appleby, Owner